Sunday, January 25

Certificate show off

I mark today as the day I finished my certificate - I am going to post it this week.
I am pretty proud of my months work - and I did push myself with some of the sample. The mitre edge nearly did me in - I unpicked that one 10 times!!!!

Most of the squares I knitted at least twice - I was aiming for perfection or as close as possible.

I am sending in my twisted flower socks as I am feeling a bit like a show off. It does cover the grafted toes and turned heel requirement and well a whole lot more. These are my best socks to date so why not I say.

Here is a link to the guild, to do the certificate you need to join and the fee for each level is about $7.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Those samples look amazing.

I'm guessing it's a distance course, could I bother you for a link? Couldn't find it on the Guild Website.