Wednesday, January 28


Is having to say goodbye to a fellow knitter and friend, who has made her way into our hearts over the past year. We all met a the pub tonight to say good by - she still doesn't believe how evil the Sheriff of Nottingham really is and she should be afraid very afraid - and stay here instead. OK I tried everything.

Happiness is that one day soon -or in a bit - you can have a meal together. That in itself will be a blog post.

Sadness is also coming home to a sick kitten and a frazed sock victim who had to take kitten to vet and deal with weeping eyes, drops, tablets and only one pair of hands. Poor Tom had a funny eye yesterday and it was worse today when S.V. got home - he rang vet and went straight there. Tom could of had an abscess or Flu - pick second option. There are complicated instructions - more complicated than I have had even for me - too long to bore you with. He seems OK - but tires easily - Po is just being full on.

Oh I forgot I picked up my new glasses today- no one noticed!
and note to self - Don't pick up glasses when premenstrual as your judgement that they are the worst choice is WRONG. I have this terrible thing where I really know what I want and then I get all worried so silly anyway, I got sunnies as well which I haven't had in years - woo sunnies!!!!

And Po keeps swiping my - I am over this game already!!!

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Emily said...

Oh, Fee! Yes, Fat Duck will def be a good blog post one day, won't it?

Are Tom's eyes better?

And so sorry not to have noticed your new specs - can only blame the wine and the tears held back!

WA lovely, but miss my knitters...