Friday, January 30


Although I had turned the heel on sock #1 yesterday at knitting I had to frog it last night as it was not as pattern suggested going around the sock victim's foot. In other words it was a long tension checking swatch. After taking a photo of my random rib - and knowing that there were witnesses that can attest to me having knit something, I cast on 76 stitches and started again this morning.

so far I have knitted 10mm already.

At least I still have 2 weeks before the second ball of yarn "arrives" in my personal sock club. Phew

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LynS said...

How sad. And I'm certainly a witness to the fact that you DID KNIT. I thought the sock was looking very beautiful. I'm not quite sure what you mean about the pattern 'going around the...foot'. Would it have mattered if it didn't?