Friday, January 30

It takes a while

So what I really meant by the last post was I got the gauge wrong.
I thought the sock victim's foot was 1/2" smaller. So the sock was not to fit.
Thought I would of learnt my lesson from the gentleman's lozenge sock back before Xmas - not on your Nelly!!!!!

So here I am at home in bed just woken up - and you are all thinking what Friday afternoon should be either at work or suffering the effects of a long lunch!
I am on some medication for girly bit issues and it has caused me to get high blood pressure. I started this last week but as I also have really really bad white coat syndrome ,when ever I go to the doctor my pressure goes up heaps - it is hard for the doctor to know to work out what is really going on. Anyway a while back S.V. bought me the best present ever- my very own blood pressure monitor so I can measure my blood pressure in the comfort of my white coat free zone.

So today on the new medication I had the opposite, really low blood pressure - blurry vision, feeling faint etc, had to go back to the doctor explain all this again and get some other medication. Actually I took the Sock Victim as by now I realise I need a translator and I tend to forget to say stuff and freak out a bit at the doctors too.

So here I am post very long sleep - another low pressure side effect is sleeping lots -and blogging.

Also lusting over knitted items from the current Knit.1 Magazine.

Especially the garter knit cardigan and the Cookie A. socks - they look alot like the artichoke socks I did a while back but I might be pushing them up the list of socks in my sock club this year - i hope that some suitable yarns comes up next so I can knit these.

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