Sunday, February 1

Catch ups

I am currently updating my address book on the computer and syncing it with my phone - all part of the technical upgrade away from paper - although I still have a paper diary and address book for this year.

At the same time I have cleaned out the photos off my phone - it reminded me of a few things I have done over the past few weeks.

this is the sock I frogged the other day - I have now caught up and more. Two weeks to go til the next sock arrives.

We took this photo the other week at St James Station - I love how the arch is offset in the lager arch - really cool.

me and my new glasses - mmm and the daggy hot hair

And photos from the Jane Thornley Workshop I attended that Atholie organised.

Sue (Yarna - rave link) was also there and we had a great day. I found it interesting but difficult as at the time I was very into my technical knitting of my certificate. So breaking out was hard to do. That was my array of colours and textures that I picked - but the shawl is still a WIP.

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