Monday, February 23

and then there was pooh

not the bear but the other sort - ewwwww

pooh - in the bath Friday morning we think it was a cat, it wasn't me or S.V. we are toilet trained

pooh - my arm has been mucking up so there has been a distinct lack of knitting over the weekend

pooh - on Saturday we came home to on the glass coffee on table thanks to a cat

pooh - yes again this time done in front of S.V. this morning by Tom whom we now think is the culprit.

I was discussing this with a colleague this morning and as she so delightfully put it - you will never know why cause they ain't going to tell you. I was doing the worrying owner - is it me is it something I've done or is it them. Who knows! Really if they don't stop - if Tom doesn't stop he can have his very own kitty litter box.


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