Monday, March 2

High heels and cool famous peeps

she was wearing that very cool jacket!

A perk of the job - we got to meet our prime minister's wife today.

She specifically asked to visit us in rehearsal.

Theresa Rein is pretty cool - she told us some anecdotes about living in China and watching Play School - and was really excited to get her photo with the real stars of the show.

I was most impressed at her attitude to her husbands position -she talked of it as an honour to serve the Australian public. There was a great vibe about her and she was inclusive and as genuinely honoured to meet us as we were her.

And she scored even more points for her amazing very high black leather patent shoes - Rose Red would of been envious except they weren't red.


LynS said...

Some people's jobs have all the perks - not only meetings with the PM's wife, but access to Big Ted as well!

Kris said...

Great post, Miss Fee! She sounds very cool.