Wednesday, March 4

a wee and a bit of knitting

I have cast off the socks I was working on and found myself with a fair bit of spare knitting time on my hands.

So a few secret projects have been whipped up and I have a large case of startis or wanabeontheneedles currently.

I am itching to cast on Ishbel in the lovely Valentine's yarn.

But for the moment I am making do with Selbu Modern in fair isle, dark grey and pink and me worrying if it is bit enough for my extra large head. I am sure my fellow passengers on the train this morning thought I was mad - I kept stretching it and trying to put it on my head. I have done one of the flower sections - about 1" above the band. Again at work with a colleague there was much discussion and I am ever so slightly convinced that it will fit when finished.

And I am itching to embark on some aran - and I have a pattern and some wool waiting.

Where to start what to knit? What delightful dilemmas.......

oh the wee - well Tom has decided that the bath plug hole is the perfect spot to relieve himself. And he came to the discovery and doing all by himself!

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