Monday, February 16

proof of outings

Here over on Kris' blog is proof that I do get out, a bit, and help with revolutions occasionally.

Reading her blog post regarding the latest incarnation of the Inner City Group of the Knitter's Guild here in N.S.W. it takes me back to the heady days when I was the fearless leader over at the Redfern community centre. We were more ad hock back then - far less formal and fewer members - about 5-8 hard core members. Then next move was due to the wrinkled noses and bad reaction to the venue at the time. I remember one year at the Guild's stand at the craft show such a bad reaction and no follow ups to the meetings. So move we did. And the membership has expanded 3 fold in the time we have been there. I am not sure if it is 1 or 2 years now.

Anyway the library is brilliant and truly inner city - I was always mindful that Redfern and Broadway service the inner west more than the inner east. Now we can start coaxing lower north shore knitters over the bridge.

Hail the revolution.

Oh and silly me spoke loud and proud about my potential streak at the AGM in front of the new president!!!!!!!! I will be rethinking my protest me thinks- anyways no need to protest any more now that everything is moving in a positive construction direction!!!!!

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