Sunday, February 15

Start and finish

Yay a finished pair of socks - these were done last week but I was saving them for Valentine's day. S.V. lucky #13 pair.
They are Stephen Colbert Socks by Mason-Dixson book "Knitting Outside The Lines".
Knitted in Fleece Artist Blue Face Leicester Socks yarn from the wool shop in Mosman - can't remember the name.
They were alot of fun to knit but I did do my normal trick of knitting ove 1/2 of the first sock before trying them on the S.V. only to discover they were too small this time. Back to the start and over again - you would think the lesson was learnt.

Happy Valentine's Day
Here is my present from the Sock Victim for yesterday - 6 balls, and more if required, of Crack - whoops I mean Kid Silk Spray - vericoloured as he said evern though I kept saying verigated!!!!
Not sure what to make - any suggestions?

Here is a photo of the ball thief, aka Tom, in action. He LOVES yarn and unless it is in a sealed bag it is his. You all remember the orange ball disaster from a month ago. Well I was photographing the yarn, then the socks this morning and he grabbed the yarn and made a run for it. I did get it back undamaged this time. PHEW

mmmm yarn mmmm mine all mine


LynS said...

Love the socks, Fee. Are you on schedule?

Emily said...

Love the socks v much! Shall make them as soon as I, my yarn and the book are reunited (not so long now! I get back on Sat, the boxes on 4th MArch and should be 2 weeks from then....)