Sunday, March 22

adventures with yarn, fabric and cats

this arrived in my mailbox on Friday

And then today another ball of yarn 'arrived' and with the help from the sock victim we picked a ball - which is for him and I am going to knit the undulating rib socks from IK's My Favorite Socks. I am going to knit the toes in black so that I don't run out of yarn - as happened with the last ball of Jitterbug.

I unwound the magic ball of yarn and found lots of goodies inside - again there was some chocolate that is no longer there.

Here is Tom is wondering why for a change he is allowed to play with a woollen item.

I finished by bag for the bag swap yesterday - off in the post tomorrow - hope it is liked. I want to keep it!!!

Here is another sneak peek at a small something for somebody too........ I had my machine out so I made another small item - more later.

We had a rather interesting night last night - some friends of Matt and I went to dinner at Oscillate Wildly, and we were not at all impressed.

Perhaps I have been spoilt, for instance the Bentley Bar,where I went on two occasions last year, was heaps better and cheaper too.

Then Po escaped out the front and as part of the rescue the cat came these rather nasty scratches. Thank goodness for the numbing effect of good wine, and alot of it, so I really didn't feel the pain until this morning. Now I am really feeling the pain.

here is proof that the cats have taken over - asleep in our bed!!!!

I do still love them - the little snaggle tooth munters#*&%!

Po the with the sharp claws of scratch in the garden next door

Tom mmmm this smells interesting

and what I am doing today as well as recovering from all that adventure!!!


Kris said...

The Barkers weren't that impressed with Oscillate Wildly either. I think perhaps once they got really popular, the quality changed. (When we first went it wasn't degustation as it is now.)

jp said...


I heard from a colleague before Christmas last year that the chef was leaving to start another venture. Perhaps he has already gone.