Saturday, March 21

Thanks for the great stuff

I am currently in two swaps over on Ravelry

the Magic Ball Swap and the Bag swap - I have sent off one and still need to do the second.

But both mine arrived this week

Thanks to both Creative Controller and Grandma flea for the great knitting related items - I am quite spoilt.

Firstly I will note that there was also some chocolate with both packages but it disappeared within minutes of each parcel opening - I swear it was the cats ( no that is not white chocolate crumbs on my face)

The bags I took to knitting on Thursday and showed them off - getting a few more people interested in Ravelry and the swap group in the process I think.

Crafty Controller did the best job on the bag size and colours for me - I love them!!! A project bag - which I photographed flat and done up, a lace project bag with nifty holes for the needles to poke out so they don't damage the project, a notions bag and a great orange notebook with a rule - very handy.

The first lace project for the bag is going to be the Swallowtail lace Shawl - in a great grey from Grandmaflea and the HUGE magic ball I received. Along with more white chocolate - again I think the cats ate that, then some dinosaurs -yum yum, a gorgeous orange bow tie scarf - I have wanted one of these for ages, and I am not sure what is in that ball of yarn. I tried to wind it off but it was too hard so I am just going to knit and see what happens.

Thank you both so much

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