Sunday, March 29

the non monogamous knitter

The Ravelry side bar does not really show how unfaithful I am being to all of my knitting projects at the moment.

I have way too many on the go for my own head to keep a track of.

That brown bag is an aran I have been dying to start but can't until I get some other projects off my plate, so to speak. The aran hat abandoned is the swatch for this project but it has a twist in the cast on and I need to photocopy all of the swatch stitches for ease of pattern reading - at least 3 books in the project bag of this one.

The Wedding jumper is near the finish line - that is in the form of knitting, then will be the sewing and the trying on and the various alterations yet to be determined - at least we are married.

That pink pile to the side only needs a bit of knitting on a tie - I have sewen it together but I am too distracted by other knitting to moss stitch even a small amount.

The replacement oh too small fair isle hat - did get 10 rows of my attention at SSK yesterday and kissed my hands with its silk and wool delights as thanks. So tempting is this that I have to close my eyes to get the other knitting underway.

The socks from the club de fee I did start today - having meant to start last week - so far I have knitted 1.5" of the first sock.

The Whisper cardigan yelled at me for attention today and I frogged to the rib - and then tried a few different cast offs - for the most stretchy - the verdict is leave this for the moment, put the cast off stitches on hold, to be sewn off later, and get on with the body again, tomorrow.

this is in no way posed - they did this themselves this afternoon - and how much more smookity they are now that they are minus all that testosterone....


jp said...

I have the smae issue with being monogamus to a single project at the moment.

I am too scared to contemplate the catalogue at the moment. Maybe this weekend

The kittys are so cute. I totally appreciate this (Ours just woke me up wanting food!)

LynS said...

This is very comforting, Fee. You make me feel much better about my straying from the Program. I also know that with the miraculous rate at which you knit, things will change very quickly!
PS - love the clashing pink and orange dahlias.