Monday, March 30

trying to catch myself

see the pink top on the right - that is me

Yesterday I ran 8km in a Sri Chimnoy race - my ipod crapped out at the beginning but I didn't realise until the last 10 minutes - which I then did manage to record.

The consequence of this was that I had no idea at all how I went. Until this morning. And what a surprise I did it under 1 hour - really happy with this 5 8 : 2 6

In the under 50's females I came 72 out of 81, not last at all phew. So now my aim is to get faster and run the whole way - I started out really well and ran the first 3 km really strongly but then started to lag. I did manage to keep up my pace though - as I normally run the 7.2km on average in 55-7 minutes - so to run 8km in 58 is great!!!!


jp said...

Congratulations - you were hoping to go really well and you did!

M-H said...

Wow. I'm really impressed.