Friday, April 17


After reading Bells this afternoon it really got me thinking.

I want to be a better blogger

really I do

but I am a reader and a maker, not a writer - I am interested in words but the shape of them not the sense of them. I have never liked writing, strangely though I have always loved reading.

I reread my first few entries - arhg - I am not surprised no one read my rambling-no-sense-beyond-bad-spelling-and-grammar ramblings.

I have been thinking a great deal about this lately as I peruse my favorite blogs and wonder what draws me there. Too many words are off putting(but I am still fascinated by words so I persist) - a great wit is enchanting and so is a quirky take on the everyday.

perhaps you visit me because of the pretty pictures?

January 2009

February 2009

March 2009

but just like the kittens grow I too can grow and work on my writing - not just spew it out and press post - but reread and think about how it is read and received.

my work in progress


Jenny & Vanessa said...

After reading your post today - the only thing I have to say is "Good-o!" (sorry, it's friday and I have tired-end-of-week-brain). I like your blog (and liked it even before you got the kittens) - although they certainly are cute and I love seeing their pics. Now I'm rambling!! Basically just wanted to say - I like your blog, I visit your blog regardless, and will continue to there! But nice to know that you are thinking of the way that you write and blog. And wanting to improve is always a good thing :-) Vanessa

three buttons said...

I struggle with every post when it comes to writing, I'm a visual person too. Pretty pictures are perfect!!

How cute are your cat pics!!


missfee said...

thankyou thre buttons and Vanessa for your encouragement and kind words.

missfee said...

sorry three buttons one day I will spell check - my excuse is that I have just started my tea so not really awake yet

Denyse said...

We can encourage each other to blog better!! My blog is such a hot mess and so neglected.

I love your blog and visit regularly. At least you have posts. My last one is so old it's in hyroglyphics (sp?)!!!!