Friday, April 17


I am getting ahead with my current sock from my personal sock club - nearly finished the first one. But as with the last sock I knitted in Jitterbug for the Sock Victim there is just not quite enough wool in a ball for a S.V. pair of socks. I weighed the ball and there is only 45grams left - from 110grams and there is still the toe to knit. So I ordered another from Sunspun this morning.

This is on the ride home from work - I took it way way before I was sick and forgot to post it. I love the skipping girl in Melbourne too. This fence has a long line of them and a few upside down too.

I am curious to the construction of a sock. In my world there are 8 steps. I start with wild enthusiasm and careful reading of patterns and then descend into madness of the endless stitches. Of course I love the whole process but it is a process and I thought about it alot in the last pair of socks I knitted.

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LynS said...

Such lickety-split progress. I'm still at the stage of thinking about winding my hank of wool into a ball. I Like the pattern you've chosen (even though I did have to follow the link to Rav to find out what it was). I love these rather traditional 'men's' sock patterns with their regularity and repetition.