Friday, April 3

more progress

I am still quite sick and having another day off work. See how bad the hair is.......

In between herding cats away from MY balls of wool, and desnotting my nose I have finished S.V.'s jumper. I have hand stitched in the zipper and will machine it in over the weekend but it is well secured for the moment.

I also finished the Selbu - it is blocking on a plate as I type, and then the baby kimono is also finished all sewen together now to block- photos soon.

What now?
I frogged the whisper back to the arms last night -I finally admitted to myself that \ the rib was too small. I feel a bit defeated by this particular knit at the moment

my brain is snot filled and I am not sure what to do next.

The sample hat, the socks or the vest?

Perhaps a bit of all.


LynS said...

Sorry you're still unwell. Tu were missed at M&S last night.

I think you should knit a bit of each. Why begin with monogamy now? btw, did you see the Interweave Daily update yesterday (day before?) with various people wearing Whisper? I thought it looked best with quite a bit of drape across the back, so I think pulling back was well-advised. But it did look very good, so I hope you persist with it.

Kristen said...

EEWWW snot filled brain! I think I feel sick now hehehe....Hope your feelin better soon:)

jp said...

Hope you are feeling better.
S.V's jumper looks fabulous.

I too think knitting a bit from each is a good plan. Variety and eases up on the need to concentrate on one thing.

'Tis the season for cat herding. Our cat has become Miss it's all about me agagin. At the moment she wants to sit on your lap/head/arm and stop you knitting/playing games/drinking/eating/breathing/sleeping.