Wednesday, April 1


Progress has been made on Selbu #2 this week.

This was yesterday and due to a ,cough cough cough, cold more was made today. I made it to work for a meeting and then had to go home again feeling more poorly.

Monday night saw the wedding jumper cast off, zipper pinned in and try on occur. Success was had - I am going to put in a different zipper chunkier and sew in the ends then it will be done.

I also managed to finish that little bit of moss stitch on the kimono wrap cardigan. That too needs a bit of stitching then it will be done.

Then I pulled out the pattern books and some yarn, honeymoon yarn, and went to swatch/ cast on for a manly vest. But the needles I need are all spoken for in the Selbu Modern - so I am finishing that first and then to swatch and knit the vest.

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LynS said...

I'm sad to hear you felt unwell yesterday. Hope you're well enough today to make it to M&S this evening