Sunday, April 12

So far

this weekend I have

gone for a walk

done our shopping at the markets

knitted with friends

cooked hot cross buns (and chocolate chip cookies) then inflicted these on others - thanks for the tea

did some yoga and discussed upcoming movies

resisted chocolate - thanks to mum for the temptations though

and existed without tv since yesterday - the media unit is being 'sorted out' so I listened to podcasts and music on my computer instead.

washed the kittens - they hate me now

and finally have shaken my cold - poor poor S.V. has not thought

tomorrow is planned kulture but lets see how the day turns out before I promise anything, attempting a run in the morning first time since the last big 9km run

1 comment:

kgirl said...

oh my, that photo of the hissing wet kitten has made my day!

sounds like you've had a great weekend, and the best part is, it's not over yet!!