Monday, April 13


I ran - well actually walked quite a bit - I am still recovering and it was hard

I then slept for most of the day, Kulture lost out to sleep.

Ravelry has made way for Goodreads as a time suck and I keep finding books I loved and read in the past - I have added a list on my blog so you can see the trash that I fill my head up with daily.
I love reading and have done since I was a child. Part of my daily routine is a few lines or a book before bed. I find the words sooth me, lull me into the nether world of sleep. I am eclectic in my taste from proper fiction to crime and beyond. But books are definitely my friends seeing me through good times and bad. I am really a reader and not a writer, and as such have been trying to write a post about this for ages but as a reader not a writer this is also hard.

The media centre is about to come online again, I am not an addict I am not really I am not. It has been hard not watching any TV this Easter weekend but I have survived.

My knitting has made some progress- now onto the third repeat of the 24 row repeat - in my defense it is in the round and for a boy -although small - not a fast knit the old cable and double moss.

Friday I saw this great dude with his old faithful dog, long socks, shorts and old school cricket cap - only in Australia, Don Dunstan has a lot to answer for in the Aussie Male's fashion


Kebeni said...

gee thanks Fee, I really needed another site like Goodbooks.........NOT!
Awesome site and I can see I am going to get nothing done until I have finished entering all my books LOL


Julie said...

I adore GoodReads, it helps me keep track of my reading. Well, at least this year. Like you, I'm all over the place with my eclectic tastes - but that's what makes us unique! I understand your feelings about books and comfort - books can be used to escape reality for a while, but also to greet old friends and make new ones. Have you ever fallen in love with an author through their words?

Kate said...

Aaaargh! Ravelry for books! Love this site - thanks fee (I think)