Saturday, May 23

In Praise of Plain

I have cast on my Coraline.

And already onto the second ball - it did help that I had a day in rehearsal yesterday and that can equal alot of knitting.

I love a simple knit - after all of the cables, twists and double moss of the vest I was worried that the simplicity of stocking stitch may bore me. But there is nothing like the slow growth of the delightful fabric that any knitting stitch produces.

There are so far quite a few firsts for me in this project -a crochet provisional cast on, and Ysolda recomends a great tutorial here, the knitted together heam and an ichord edge.

I frogged the socks currently on my needles and next in the sock club, as they were way too large - they fitted over S.V.'s foot in socks. So back to the beginning again for those.

And if anyone knows how to rid oneself of Benign Positional Vertigo please let me know as it has been 16 days of a spinning head and feeling like I am on a boat - and well I am over it.


Grandma Flea said...

Hi Miss Fee
Sorry to hear about your BPV - ring the Australian Physiotherapy Association and ask for the name of a phsio who specialises in treating this - I understand it can be helped by exercises that settle the little pesky floating things to the bottom of your ?cochlear - they apparently cause the problem. Excuse the technical explanation here! xD I should have read your link.
Good luck.

Rose Red said...

sorry about the vertigo - ugh.

I love a bit of stocking stitch myself, I know it can get boring but when it's lovely yarn and a great pattern, it's just a joy!

LynS said...

...and the Coraline has that lovely faux smocking to look forward to. Sorry about the disorientation - maybe it has something to do with the viruses you've been getting?

dr k said...

i dont think there is anything benign about any kind of vertigo, how annoying. i hope you get better soon, and that the stocking stitch proves soothing.

kgirl said...

stocking stitch in tweed is somehow always that *little* more interesting, don't you think?

Coraline is going to look lovely in that colour, a little more "Clementine" perhaps?!

good luck with getting rid of the vertigo, that must be horrid.