Thursday, May 21

I finished something

Way back when - well actually only a few months ago - we went on our honeymoon - up to the blue mountains.

There is a wool shop up there and as a dedicated knitter I enhanced my stash.

This has then turned into a vest for the Sock Victim during the last month or so.

He is most happy with his new knitted item. There is one small mistake in a cable cross but I am the only one that has spotted it - so it will stay where it is.

Cabled V-Neck by Martin Storey
knitted in Naturally Hand Knit Harmony 8 Ply

Below is the Madelinetosh sock yarn that Tom is trying to steal - a gift for the arm warmers - a most happy exchange.

Po being Po and more photogenic than usual

Flowers from the markets last weekend - I am most fond of roses

And a small amount of wool from Webs - I ordered on sale the other week - mmmmm my first ever Cascade and all of the companion yarn as well - more and more socks. There are at least 3 cardigans planned out of that box. When I picked up the box from the post office I was a bit worried that not all of the wool was inside - I need not have been it was all there. It was just a small box that exploded when I opened it.


LynS said...

The contents of the exploding Webs box look wonderful - so much, so much... Love the sock victim's vest - it has a very cool retro look to it.

Kris said...

The vest is gorgeous! Love it! (And I don't see any miscrossed cables... Don't see it, didn't happen.)


Emily said...

SV looks great in his tank top - and I'm with Kris on the cable!

Love the Madeline Tosh yarn - wish I could see that in person... And the exploding box, wow! Do they use pressure to get it all in there or something?????

jp said...

The vest looks stunning a beautiful piece of work.

I have had one of those Webs boxes i wondered if mine was tardis like since it fit sooooo much in it.

Kristen said...

Love the vest, looks great!

OOOHHH Webs box, me wants one!