Tuesday, June 16

fessing up and some thanks

Warning Yarn pron ahead

Just to expand on my latest yarn purchase at the craft show on the weekend.
I went twice - both times for work - sourcing teddy bear makers and taking a special bear on an excursion. I also found some great craft suppliers for work too.

Along the way I feel onto some Habu on the first day and was sorely tempted by some possum. So on the second day I went with intent to purchase. Possum and sock yarn were my victims on day #2. Mosman Needlecraft lost some BFL and One Fat Slug, and Sarah Durrant was on skein short of Jitterbug(that was so hard to choose). I also succumbed to the Japanese Knits, after lusting looking at Rosered's at knitting on Thursday night. Oh and I did buy the possum too...

Many thanks to the lovely Celia for my beautiful scarf, pin with flowers, stitch markers and chocolate. Sally tapped me on the shoulder at WWKIP day and passed on the beautiful pink package. Which I was most excited to receive. I love the colours and the texture of the scarf.

Coraline made a great outing at WWKIP and you can see her orangeness in quite a few photos of the day. I didn't take my camera, slacker, but many many photos were taken.

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Donna (Random Knits) said...

I used to make teddies! I avoid the teddy stalls at fairs though, because I still have a mountain of mohair waiting to be made up.
Love the pretty pink parcel, and Coraline looked gorgeous at the weekend