Friday, June 19

sunshine and bike rides

Finally I am better and thank you to every ones good wishes over the past little while

I decided I needed a bit of me time today and did my job this morning and have taken the rest of the day off. What to do I asked myself. I could finish the other little bit of work due, clean the house or pootle. Upon consultation via twitter and Pm's the pootle option won.

So I jumped on my bike rode to the library and then to the Bourke St Bakery, in Marrickville where they make the pastries, for lunch. And now I am back home ready to settle into some knitting and TV catchup on the couch - what a great start to the weekend. Oh I will have to do that work at some point over the weekend I just want my brain to catch up first.


LynS said...

I've also given myself a little bit of an early mark from work. I wish I had the energy to pootle (love pootling). But I think I'll nap.

Melissa said...

I had to google 'pootle'. Never heard of it before. It is a great word, going to have to use it in a sentence today!

missfee said...

pootle in our house means to just pootle - do this and that perhaps knit, perhaps ride at a slow pace, perhaps play on the computer.