Tuesday, June 23


sometimes I wish we made films like this here and I had taken that path when that fork in the road appeared in front of me a few years back.

But then I wouldn't be knitting, running and happly herding cats with my sock victim. I know this as I do know the dedication that it takes to do this, and by taking a certain job a few years back it led directly to where I am now.

also can't wait to see Bright Star


Miss N said...

Fee - it is our curse and our gift at the same time.. which makes us the carnies we are and a lot of the jobs are lottery really! Plus you are uber bloody talented and happy and that counts for EVERYTHING!! xxxxN

dr k said...

hmmm that interesting fork in the road. i do wonder how different my own path would have been! but im glad i finally met you on this one.

LynS said...

I'm glad you made the choice you did if it's allowed you to become the person you now are. Jobs that allow space for other things in your life are to be valued.