Sunday, July 19


finally better......

I certainly have had my fair share of illness this year - the last bout started Tuesday before last and I am sure had a lot to do with my run at 6am in the rain.

Sore throat followed with the worst head cold I have had in ages - 3 days of work and still not any better and ever thing was turning green. So back to the doctor for antibiotics - the first course in about 5 years. It is slowly doing its trick - another 3 days off work last week as I still found just getting up the main activity of the day.

I managed to watch all of the current Grey's Anatomy series in about 2 days - Tom was wondering why on earth I was sobbing so much in the last 3 episodes, actually I am sure he wasn't but I was getting weirder than usual looks from the cat on the lap. Love trashy telly and a good cry so cathartic.

Knitting wise I finished Sage Remedy - and have worn it heaps - still need some photos. So photos and details to follow.

I am knitting Rose-red at the moment inspired by Rose Red, in Champagne and a Plum colour. I have made some mistakes but I am ignoring them as they are small.

Socks for the Sock Victim in Reggia Kaffe are progressing along well.

And I cast on a Lace Baktus - inspired by LynS and her gorgeous Baktus a while back.

I am planning another jumper for the Sock Victim but wondering if embarking on a 5ply jumper is madness - says she who knitting a 4ply jumper for her B.I.L. whom is very tall.

I am going in search of the Marrickville knitters this afternoon at Petty Cash near the Enmore Pool from about 2pm if you are in the area.

We are on a rice pudding quest at the moment in this house - as the Greek bakery is not making them at the moment so we are. Last night I made this one from Stephanie A - it was a bit watery and not quite right. Oh no we will just have to keep trying......

Any suggestions for recipes are most welcome!!!!

And I got an iPhone and I am in love!!!!!! Technology is truly amazing.


dr k said...

glad you are on the mend. if i ever finish my TdF thing we can compare regia socks. thats a big If.

Emily said...

iPhones, they are lovely - no?

Jejune said...

I've had the worst head cold in years too, seems to be doing the rounds. And it keeps coming back. I hope you're well and truly over it by now.

There is a very nice Citrus Rice Pudding recipe in Women's Weekly's Low-Fat Food for Life cookbook. I think they might publish it as a diabetic cookbook now, not sure. One of my family's favourites!

knitabulous said...

Sage remedy - SNAP!!