Wednesday, July 22

happy birthday to the day job

After deciding to celebrate today we worked out the official birthday is on the 18th of July.

Our little show is 43 and my first job at the ABC was the 30th birthday way back in the dark ages before iphones and such.

The cake is from the upcoming cake book - we were sent the proofs and I wanted to see if it worked or not - and well really any excuse for a cake in my books. The thought we all had was how wrong it would be to cut into Humpty - we did it anyway - there is but his face left at the moment.

mmmm chocolate on the inside......


LynS said...

All the king's horses and all the king's men, couldn't put Humpty together again. Poor (yummy) Humpty.

kgirl said...

happy birthday to Playschool! We were living in rural areas when my brother and I were pre-schoolers, Playschool ruled our days :)

feel a bit weird about hacking into Humpty, tho!

dr k said...

oh what have you done to humpty!! that would feel weird. but yay for the bday. bit weird to think our favourite show is only a few years older than us. it was my childhood fave!

Jan said...

I can remember Kindergarten of the Air. That's dating myself. And Blue Hills and Mr Squiggle and the Argonauts. Now that's a big jumble of eras, but all good. Even remember I was Thalia 33

Now the two youngest grandchildren watch Playschool avidly.