Sunday, July 26

Up and over

I am currently working on the lace version of Baktus.
Last Thursday at knitting I was chugging up and up and up towards the peak of the scarf. I weighed the ball and realised I was just before the turning point.

Then like a child in a toboggan I found myself sliding down the other side. I am sure today it is but hours away from being finished.

That moment, those final long rows just before the turn - they are sweet torment. I love the knit I love the pattern but I wanted to see the end. But now that it is nearly over I secretly would like to go back to the moment just before the turn and savour it all over again.


LynS said...

The anticipation in that moment just before the turn is lovely, isn't it? This is a great project. So simple, elegant and a beautiful, subtle colour.

dr k said...

thats looking fantastic! much anticipation here to see the finished product!