Wednesday, July 29


this was the exciting start to my next sock club knitting treat but no........


what a sad title for a post


well that is exactly what has happened here in my knitting world.

fail #1 was when I ran out of Pear Tree yarn about 12 pattern repeats before the end of the lace baktus. Having miscalculated the weights and middle of the ball. I spent most of Monday trying to track down more yarn instead of frogging, I have a possible saviour over on ravlery but this is going to take a while to sort out. So no baktus for the moment, ba bahhhh.

fail #2 was the casting on of my next yarn in my personal sock club.

This yarn has been sitting around for quite a while, received in a swap in the early days on Ravelry. I cast on a great pattern from Socks from the toe up - had great fun with an earlier pair (more on those in another more positive post). But it just isn't working for me. The yarn is not quite to my liking and the colour is not quite right either.

I tried.

Really tried but today on the way to work, after much discussion with the sock expert of the house, they have been put aside.

I have decided to frog them and put the yarn out to the universe for someone who will love it.

Perhaps I have just been spoilt and have become more picky. The base of the yarn isn't as grippy as the the Needlefood I just knitted with - which was a dream BTW.

I am not normally a quitter - but in this instance I admit defeat by the blue wool of torment and I have decided that is not worth persisting but time to move on. So over to the knitting basket to pick out another brown bag.

wish me luck

magical rainbow knitters from the fab arvo tea the other day


LynS said...

How frustrating to run out of the Baktus when you're nearly at the end - I'd be very grumpy - particularly when it's so beautiful. I think the socks look quite good from the bit I can see - though less subtle than your usual socks. Still, if you don't like them there's no point in persisting.

kgirl said...

better to frog the socks now and get on with something more rewarding, than pursue a loveless relationship ;)

hope the Baktus wool shortage works out

Kate said...

Knitting is an exercise in doing and undoing and it all balances out in the end.

I've seen your wonderful Knitting Basket so I know there'll be something nice coming out of it.