Wednesday, July 29


one for the win as they say on the Internet

Here are the socks I received from Kristen (K10) over on the sock swap on Ravlery - they are gorgeous!!! They are from Koigu yarn I sent. The aim of the swap was to send two balls to your partner, knit one into socks and send back to your partner and keep the other ball to make yourself something.

I love the pattern she chose, Froot Loop from Knitty- which show off the yarn really well. They are so beautifully made and it is such a treat to have another knitter knit for you - and also to knit for a knitter too.

We decided to send each other more yarn- as you do, and we are going to do a Knit Along together on a shawl. I am a bit fond of triangle shawls at the moment. There was also some chocolate which was hidden away very quickly - for an emergency I swear. Freckles are my ultimate downfall in life, then there is cheese, and cakes and butter and.............

Thank you so much Kristen I hope you like the parcel I sent off to you - and fingers crossed they fit ok.


Rose Red said...

Yay for the win but sorry you had a fail with the other socks - but best to admit defeat early on and not waste lots of time knitting something you are not feeling the love for.

Kristen said...

I had heaps of fun swapping with you and I cant wait for the KAL! Im hoping the postie will be arriving with my goodies today yipeeee:)

dr k said...

my favourite socks are in that very yarn! they look stunning in that pattern. i think knitting for knitters is the best, they really appreciate the hard work. glad you got some wins this week!