Friday, July 3

goodbye hello

Another year on and this time I am going to have a naught at the end of the number designated to me. I definitely think age is a state of mind, but I am really happy to have the experience of life accumulated so far.

Goodbye to the last ten years - gosh so much has happened and I really think I grew up, really found out whom this person is that I am, and I like her. The liking bit is still taking some time but we are getting there.

I found my tribe, in amongst a lot of yarn and fibre. Those knitters are special peeps indeed.

I found my best friend - Sock Victim where had you been?

I found the best job ever - and the best boss ever

I found out I can run, and re found my back bend too

Those kittens found me

Hello to the next bit and all the fun ahead - but I am going to take each day as it comes and goes.

So the cakes are baked
the cookies in a box waiting

and I think I have overdosed on sugar


jp said...

Happy Birthday Miss Fee.
Have a fantastic day! Enjoy every moment.

What lovely things to have found on the way to such a milestone.

(Yes the cats always find you..not the other way around)

Sonia said...

Happy Birthday Miss Fee!

A birthday with an '0' on the end needs lots of fibrely presents! As does birthdays ending with 1, 2, 3 … but I digress.

kgirl said...

missfee, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

those cakes look delicious, and just for the record, there's no such thing as overdosing on sugar the week of your birthday ;)

have a good one

Kris said...

Happy birthday, Fee! I know it's going to be a good one. :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Birthdays with a 0 at the end are achievements. Enjoy it!

Melissa said...

Happy, happy birthday Miss Fee!!

LynS said...

Happy birthday Fee. What a good time in your life!

Donna (Random Knits) said...

Many, many happies to you!

Donna xx

Yarna said...

Happy, happy day Miss Fee!
May the years get better and better for you.

Lara said...

Happy Birthday!

Rebecca said...

How big the kittens are! I looked at some of my photos of them the other day and now looking at these I can't believe how much they've grown :)
Looks like you had a fabulous birthday too :D
I'm in Sydney for a while on uni holidays, so will have to try and drop into the TC stitch and bitch :)