Tuesday, June 30

baby surprise

It was with great delight I cast on this baby surprise for Viggo - what a cutie.

Viggo is son to some old film friends - I think I gave his dad his first TV job on Young Lions back in the day. When Viggo's mum rang and asked me to knit something I was super excited!!!!

And those buttons finish off EZ's great design so well - if I don't say so myself.

What a grin!


kgirl said...

fabulous grin!

you're EZ looks great, too ;)

LynS said...

I'm confused. This wasn't even mentioned in Sunday's run-down of FOs. Did you knit it yesterday? I'm developing an hypothesis that time moves into a different dimension around your house once you take knitting needles into your hands. The BSJ is lovely. Lucky Viggo. Lucky parents.

jp said...

This is gorgeous.

I agree with Lyn - Time moves in mysterious ways when you have knitting needles in your hands.

sue said...

What a truly adorable baby, and I love the handknit sweater too. Babies always make handknits look so good dont they.