Sunday, June 28

over the finish line

and the flowers opened up during the week

So there has been quite a bit of activity in this house over the past week - my other work has been put on hold for the powers that be to decide what they actually want so my time has been mine again.

I made some baked rice pudding for S.V. last week out of Beyond Nose to Tail borrowed from the local library. A great way to see if a book is worth purcashing or not - and this one definitely is worth its weight in butter and sugar. I also made some thins - very buttery yummy old school bikkies which I had to take to work so I didn't end up unable to push myself up in a back bend.

first you caramalise the butter and the sugar - add full cream milk and double cream and bake for a very long time. It was deadly!!!!

Last weekend I pulled out the whisper cardigan after quite a few months languishing after I didn't cast on enough stitches for the neck. I am quite happy with the result in the end. I think it is more of a Autumn, Spring or Summer top so I am going to have to wait to wear it.

I also finished my latest socks in my personal sock club.

Primavera has long been on my wish list of socks to knit. The yarn is a German one - I am not sure of the name - and it comes with its own small bobbin of matching nylon for the heels and toes - I always forget to put it in the toe. They are by far the longest sock I have ever made

As promised here is the Malgrigo sock yarn that was stuffed in the birthday boots.

Yum yum yum

a stack of cats for your viewing pleasure, and me in my pj's

I also finished my garter stitch cardie too. I just have to find some cool buttons to complete it. It was out of Knit 1 and the pattern is also available by itself. I had been lusting after it before it was published and I don't think the photo in the magazine does it any justice at all. It works so well on many different shapes. It was a really fast knit and I went up a needle size - to a 5mm to get the gauge - and it was my first knit in Cascade 220. Now I understand why it is the most popular yarn on Ravelry!

I have now cast on my socks for the sock swap over on Ravelry - phew deciding which pattern to knit was really hard. I had the choice between two colourways of Needlefood sock yarn - I chose and started at last. I think that knitting them up will be faster than me trying to decide what to knit.

Last but not least here is the very start of Sage Remedy Top I am making in some more Cascade 220 Heathers. This yarn is addictive. I am knitting in the round so fingers crossed.


LynS said...

Such productivity - do you ever sleep? I can't believe you've already finished the garter stitch cardi! Well done

Rose Red said...

oh, what Lyn said!! Such a parade of FO's - you are amazing!!

Nice malabrigo sock yarn - well chosen, SV!!

Melissa said...

You put me to shame.....lovely socks and that stack of kitties, adorable!

Bells said...

oh I'm glad you say the cardi suits a range of shapes. Even though I love it and plan to start it next week, the model is so skinny I wondered if it would not suit me. Can't wait to see yours!

kgirl said...

you have been so busy!

Your Whisper cardigan is one of the loveliest I've seen to date - that combination of that beautiful green and the wispy fabric, delicious!

and another cardigan, to boot?! Cascade is grand, isn't it?

enjoy all your woollies and the sock yarn (and all the choices involved!)

Emily said...

Great use of the Malabrigo laceweight!

And looks as if the green socks will match rather well?

Kristen said...

Love the stack of cats lol! I agree cascade is a great yarn- good for everything...well almost. Also, I know Ive already said this but I LOVE that whisper cardigan!!

BTW happy belated birthday!

dr k said...

busy fee! it all looks lovely, esp you in pjs with cats!

Jejune said...

What a lot of great yarns, projects, kittehs, and deadly yummy things!!