Thursday, July 9

More finished Objects

First up for those in the back stalls - these were completed a while back but as they were gifts so I have held off blogging

Firstly another Baby Surprise for Denyse's baby Annie who arrived in April. It was so much fun knitting for a fellow knitter. I knit the 8ply Zara - as I have been caught out by a 4ply EZBS just being way too small for most babies. I finished and posted it before Annie came which I know is a bit naughty but she wore it home from the hospital.

There was also the bunny which Annie's brother has adopted - so I will have to knit another soon for her I think. This is a classic Debbie Bliss pattern in Noro from the First Debbie Bliss noro book.

This was for the stashbusting swap over on Ravelry - and what fun I had knitting this. Kittens and fair isle and a bit of steeking. I slightly modified a hat pattern and used mostly yarn from my stash. I used 8plys of various types in the blues and the beige. It was most well received and with all swaps I breathed a sigh of relief. I always worry that I do not enough or too much - it is a fine line indeed.


LynS said...

A comment from the back stalls - the blue and white cats are splendid - and I know you knitted them some time ago because I saw them! (the others I'm not so sure about...)

Taphophile said...

Drat it all - I just said "kitteeeeees!" out loud in a room full of researchers. A distinguished hat indeed. :)

jp said...

The Rabbit and the Cats are awesome...and the little cardi sooo cute.