Monday, July 6

Thank you so very much

To everyone that came - and apologies to those who weren't here sadly our house is not big enough to have asked everyone.

I had the best birthday ever.

there was some chatting and drinking

and even some classic photo poses

And I thought I was spoilt before - I no idea what was in store for me

Behind Helen (soon to be re-converted knitter) is the bag

that came along with 2 generous vouchers and a bottle of yummy champagne - thank you to those all those amazing friends of mine for contributing and to Kris for organising it

I had yarn dyed for me by Aisla commissioned by Lee - Thank you to you both for the thought and the wonderful execution. OK Jane and Margarita time to give it back now!!!!

a bear made with a February sweater - thank you Donna and as you now know I have a small thing for bears. There was not one but three E.Z. February Cardigans at the party!!!

Wollmeise sock yarn and a Yarnissima pattern- Rose Red what an enabler, and a challenge I am looking forward to so much - my mind exploded when I looked at the pattern today!!!

a beautiful bag from Lyn which is already in use

A Special jumper had an outing on Mr Webgoddess, I think I said Na Craga before I said hello

A Twist bag and voucher!!! - thank you Ness

a knitted kitten from JPJ

Sister #2 and Sock Victim in his Honeymoon vest, my father-in-law and sister-in-law Jaz made a special trip up.

Cupcakes from my youngest sister - and Bex enjoying one

There was alot of knitting - guess who don't sue!!!

Special thanks to Bex's gorgeous Boi for taking the wonderful photos!!!!

"Guess what M-H did you hear that they are getting credit card facilities for the Guild!!!!"

It was such an awesome day - and I am sure my post birthday brain has forgotten some of the important details I would like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who was there


Bells said...

god it looks like such a great day. So wish I could have been there! You sound very, very happy.

knitness said...

Even though I was late and missed all the present opening extravaganza, I totally had fun for the last part of the party...

You deserved to have had a wonderful day, Fee. Happy Birthday once again!

Emily said...

Clare and I so wish we had been ethre, too! Looks like a FAB day, and v glad you liked your pressies. Bet you're knackered after all that, aren't you?

Kristen said...

Looks like you had an awsome time- god look at all that yarn- what a great birthday!

Bex said...

Glad you had a great birthday!!! xxx

Donna (Random Knits) said...

You throw a wonderful party, Fee!

Rose Red said...

No, THANK YOU for inviting me! It was tops. Love a birthday party that involves much knitting and yarn fondling!!