Sunday, July 5

Welcome to our guest blogger, the Sock Victim

Hi SV here

On behalf of missfee: thanks everyone for coming yesterday, especially those who travelled far just to be here. We had an awesome time. It was wonderful to see everyone. And thanks for the lovely presents! (yarn, yarn, yarn, YARN)

missfee will be providing more updates when her macbook keyboard has dried out (red wine). It was a great party.


Anonymous said...

And THANK YOU SV for being such a great host! I'm so glad she had such a good time. Have you been through the sock yarn skeins yet and decided which ones should have your name on them?

LynS said...

Thank you MissFee and Sock Victim for a wonderful day yesterday. Great food and wonderful company.

Vintage Grrl said...

Happy belated birthday, MissFee! Glad to see you had a wonderous day!

jp said...

Happy birthday Fee.
Sounds like a wonderful day.

Hope you are enjoying a quiet Sunday.

Cristiane said...


Yes thanks guys for a lovely afternoon. Dane and I enjoyed meeting your wonderful family, friends and past neighbours.

The food was wonderful too. Thanks Matt for all of that.

Happy birthday again and look forward to seeing you soon