Monday, August 24

Shawl Flu - watch out it is VERY contagious

I have been hit hard with Shawl flu and I haven't been able to resist

It started with Lace Baktus - This is in Pear Tree 4 ply and caused great angst when I ran out of yarn- instead of unpicking it back I managed to source some more yarn - through the wonders of Ravelry.
I think I caught this flu from Lyn, Margarita and Lee , they were all infected with Baktus at the camp a few months back .

On a side note I have to thank Margarita and Jane for the blocking wires which are taking my lace to another level altogether.

Then the infection spread onto Aestlight, which I kindly or not shared with Kristen(K10) we have been doing an Aestlight KAL - I did get a tad overzealous at this point and couldn't contain the infection or enthusiasm for knitting. This is knit in on of the balls of Malabrigo sock yarn that the Sock Victim gave me for my birthday.

Then Ysolda's Damson jumped onto the needles - is this virus ever to be contained? Again the Malabrigo sock yarn was taken out and permission was given to use it, as technically it is sock wool and a shawl is not a sock but as the pattern did again specifically recommend Malabrigo sock yarn permission was granted.

I am now eyeing off the green ball of Malabrigo for the Milkweed shawl. The last an final ball of Malabrigo will be socks as it is Sock Victim not missfee colours.

Now I am taking a small detour into the future toy cabinet at the Royal Easter Show next year with Aggie bear from The Knitted Odd Bod Bunch - part of how I spent my Birthday voucher - a whole blog post is coming with book reviews and Maremeko items later this week(hurry up Australia Post)

I am already onto the jumper part - Aggie is going to be big - about 50cm!!!!

I pulled out a 4ply cardie today that has been on my list and mind for a while now- and there is much discussion here as to whether or not I will wear this. What do you think?

So apologies for the flurry of posts but finally the sunshine has helped lift the fog over me - and as you can see the knitting has continued but I have been a bit mute about it. Thanks so much for you kind emails and chats over the past few weeks I really have appreciated the support.


Bells said...

well I just caught it and I haven't been NEAR you. I'm about to cast on a new shawl. I feel all feverish!

Great work - some lovely, lovely stuff there!

Rose Red said...

Hee hee, shawl flu. I'm so going to be catching that in a week or so!!

Look at you getting your knitting done for the show so early!! You go girl!

kgirl said...

eep - it's highly contagious, I've heard - you can even catch it OVER THE INTERNET! shh, don't cause any panic, but apparently Ravelry has the highest infection rate on the net...

(btw, they're gorgeous!)

Kristen said...

Hehe shawl flu, love it!

dr k said...

i am a bit feverish as well. i dont know who i caught it off, oh yes i do it was that bloody knitabulous, and shed been to her place and now im totally addicted to aestlight (yours is just gorgeous!) and am thinking another shetland triangle - that symptom is courtesy of bells. still, there are worse illnesses to get, look out how lovely yours are!

knitabulous said...

Well I definitely caught it off you because I am in the midst of knitting those THREE SAME SHAWLS.

I think it's an anti-ishbel reaction personally.

But, hey, didn't you knit one of those too?

Jan said...

Shawl flu? So that's what I've got. It's even shoved socks out of the way. Two Ishbels, two Aestlights, and now Milkweed well on the way to being finished. I've some lovely deep green from the lamented Knittery that is calling out to be a second Milkweed.

Sarah said...

Hope I catch this soon if it means I end up with shawls as beautiful as yours

Anonymous said...

I have it too although I am hiding it because I am meant to be knitting something else....but now I just want to go home and shawl-away.

knitabulous said...

It's amazing how this post on 'shawl flu' has spawned a new knitting term. Not only has the 'shawl flu' spread like wildfire, so has the use of the term 'shawl flu'!

It really is astounding, don't you think?

Nice shawls, and btw I also have the shawl flu.