Sunday, September 6

Thank you so very much

This is a post a while in the making - as I had to pick some stuff out order it and then wait for it to arrive.

This is all from those wonderful knitterly friends who gave me, along with the amazing bag, some vouchers.

One from Kinokuniya and the other from Nordic fushion

The books were so much fun to pick out - and I have already started a project from The Knitted Odd Bod Bunch - part of the grand plan to take over the toy cabinet at the Easter show next year.

I already have some fabric to make this dress on the cover - and there are some other super patterns inside too - I feel a sewing weekend coming on soon.

Some more babies on the way to knit out of this one- - which has had some great reviews

The purse is going to be my craft purse - once I get organised.

Then the sneakers have already had a few outings - and are both super comfortable and stylish at the same time.

Thankyou all again


Rose Red said...

All excellent choices! Love the sneakers - very cool!

LynS said...

I agree with RoseRed - great choices. And so good to have a blog from you - I've missed them lately.