Wednesday, September 9

personal sock club 6 & 7 updates

Sunday and the weekend came a went quite quickly in my world.

Saturday saw a trip to the Southern Guild Group - where Kris did her wonderful Knitternet presentation- I am sure she curses it when I am there as I interject a lot. She did get me back this time showing embarrassing pictures of kittens in cardigans - heh didn't I post that earlier? Yep I just really embarrass myself really!!!

Apart from the presentation - help or no help from me, I went to collect my level 2 certificate from the wonderful Faye - I will get my certificate at the next AGM (if I can bear the other stuff that goes on there but that is a whole other story) any way I got a distinction!!!!! Bring on Level 3 now - which is in 4 parts so stay tuned for a few more years yet. If you are on Rav you can check it out on my project page.

Sock update - I bit the bullet and finished the blue socks - see I am not a quitter at all. They were a pain and my fingers kept going blue - and when I washed them the sink turned blue a few times. So #6 is done. The Wendy knits pattern from her book was a winner though.

Next cab off the rank is a plain pair for the sock victim which I have started. I remeasured the needles and they are actually 1.75mm not 2mm as the knit picks packet says - mmmmm. I was going to put them on a magic loop but as they are 1/2 mm out I can't. So I will persist slowly - they are slow these ones.

In the middle of all of this - along with the shawl flu I have knitted up some birthday socks for a certain 40th in Beechworth next weekend - this is a tease as I think she might read the blog.

But they are finished.

Shawl update - I am with Kylie - the Milkweed is a bit meh after the others so I think I am going to follow Rose Red in her feat with only one project...... But more on that another day.


Rose Red said...

Do eeet! Doooo eeeeeeeeeeeeeet! It's a reward for your Distinction, after all!

knitabulous said...

Have you seen daybreak? It's looking good to me right now. And I abandoned damson at the garter stage, and rejected milkweed before I even started.

dr k said...

sorry, i have been a bad blog reader of late. those blue socks are just gorgeous! and after last night, shawl flu still persists here, i am so doing the bandit one in wollmeise. tempted??