Friday, October 9

thougths of shawls and socks

As I went about my day today I thought about why shawls and socks are so appealing to me at the moment - and perhaps alot of other knitters too.

the smaller shawl - I resist the shawllette as this is a lame term in my books - I have been drawn to as it is a small portable project with just enough interest to sustain the 350-500m worth of yarn. I also love to keep my neck warm but this is just a happy byproduct really as I see myself more and more as a process knitter. I am seduced by the pretty project and the compliments but I really love the challenge of the knit.

Socks are really the same. You decide on the difficulty level and off you go. Do I want a small easy journey - with a small challenge at the heel? A pattern that takes a few rounds to memorize or a brain tease to last a few weeks. Or I could cast on all at once and dip in and out as I please.

I am fairly monogamous as I have to juggle so much creatively at work my knitting is best kept at one thing at a time.

The thought of a larger project such as a cardie is appealing but I haven't had the chance to sit down and really sort out which one - but how easy is it to grab one ball - print one page and head off with a shawl or some socks a week or so later. Instant gratification perhaps that is what I am drawn to


LynS said...

I was reading along, nodding in absolute agreement till I got to the 'heading off with a shawl or some socks a week or so later'... a week? I've just finished my current socks as quickly as I can imagine ever finishing a pair of socks and it took me over 2 weeks. Ah well, maybe I just have to console myself that my slower knitting doesn't provide me with quite so many difficult decisions about the next project.

gemma said...

Truly that summed up perfectly how I knit too, although I'm a bit slower myself, but it's not always about the f.o., but the doing something useful in the spare/down time that is important.