Monday, September 14


I spent the weekend at a Yoga Intensive with my yoga school. One of my teachers was laughing when I said I was off to knitting camp next month and suggested I go to yoga camp to undo the knitting stresses - if she only knew the truth in that!!!
We were about 3 hours out of Sydney - and drove past the turn off to Kurri Kurri where Knitting will be next month!
I kept thinking that it would be a great spot for a knitting camp too!

I learnt a new word and a chant on the weekend along with a few new skills - and yoga poses.

I am going to show you each side of the views I had on the weekend

This is where I slept and the view in the morning -note no curtains as we got up with the sun, which is rising around 5am, for a 7am then 6am sitting and practice. I had never 'sat' before - we meditated for 20 minutes one day and 25 the next. Pretty amazing and not at all easy. Firstly your mind wanders and then your body starts to object.

Over the weekend we did 5 2-3 hour practices and didn't talk much. We had two meals a day - breakfast about 10.30 after the first practice and dinner after the later practice about 8pm. Strangely I wasn't hungry.

This is the yoga room - my spot was mainly up in the far corner between the doors - where the grey mat, bolster blanket blog is on the left.

This was behind me - and the window is what I saw when I lay back over my bolster. It was all about the framed view.

and of course there was knitting I cast on the springtime bandit in 50/50 Lush yarn. I think I will go for 5-6 pattern repeats before the border. I am already up to the 5th repeat.

It was a great weekend but I am sad to have missed cupcakes, kittens and the sock victim.


LynS said...

Looks like a great weekend - the views alone would have made it worthwhile. I'm sure the sock victim and the kittens were delighted to have you back - and the cupcakes can easily be re-produced for another occasion.

Anonymous said...

Many years ago I did a 10 day retreat at the Vipassna Mediation School and it was 10 days of no talking, and meditating from 4.30am till 9.30pm (in sessions) I know what you mean about your mind wandering! It was crazy. Oh the thoughts....

Looks lovely though...

M-H said...

No way I could 'sit' for this long first thing. I am so stiff when I get up these days.