Wednesday, September 16

sewn part 2

Last week I saw this dress on the Tessuti blog and fell in love/want/must have

So I ordered the book - from our favorite Japanese bookshop - picked it up last Thursday before knitting so we could all ohh and ahh over the patterns.

Then came the tricky part how do I do this pattern book thing the Internet came to the rescue.

Traced the pattern, added seam allowance, cut it out and prayed it would work

Well it did - just need to heam and iron - it is a bit loose but I think it is the style and it looks quite stylish and Japanese according to the sock victim. So I am saving finishing it til tonight so I can wear it to knitting - all but briefly tomorrow night.

Really quick easy to do and as good as I thought, I think I will do it again with a lighter fabric though

Details -
Stylish Dress Book 1(E)
Linen from the Fabric Store
I made size 13 and omitted the pockets


donyale said...

Are you taking orders? ;) I can't sew but would LOVE this!

Rose Red said...

Weeeeeeeeeeeee! I LOVE it!!

dr k said...

you made one already! it looks gorgeous, like everything in that book. i bet it looks uberstylish on, bummer i am not there to see it. well done!

Cecilia said...

That's really cute! And very very impressive!

Kristen said...

Looks great! Love Japanese sewing/knitting books.