Sunday, October 4

back in the day

I can't believe I am showing you this but I had threaten to before so here goes.

I studied Design at an (some may consider) eminent theatre school here in Sydney. I completed the design course quite a few years ago now. This project was part of the course and I now I understand that only the costume students do this.

The brief is a date - decided by the Head of Design.
For our project we were given about 4 weeks, some calico, one colour trim, notions and many hours to complete your outfit. We had lessons from a fantastic costume maker and milliner - which for me was the best bit.

My dress with a date of 1830 was complete with a boned corset and rope petticoat all sewn into the dress. It was very heavy to wear!!!!

This era was just after the 'Regency period' think Pride and Prejudice and the outfit is a great example of the transition of the silhouette from then to the crinoline shape of the Early Victorian era. The waist is dropping, the shoulder is slopping, the skirt is getting fuller and the hair is changing - yes I had ringlets!

Enjoy.....and think of me at knitting camp


Rose Red said...

Look at that hat!! Amazing!! Hope you are having fun at camp!

Kristen said...

Fabulous dress, would have been a great course! Hope your having fun, looking forward to the knitting camp posts.

Emily said...


And what fun you look as if you're having...

Hope Knit camp is good (and once again, no fair!)

Bells said...

how fantastic do you look! I LOVE it!