Saturday, October 3

Knitting from the past

As few weeks back I visited Mum in the mountains and she gave me this back.

Heaps of memories flooded back and I remember that I actually have been knitting for a while now.

Even as a teenager I was quite enthralled by the sticks and string

This is the bag - guess where I lived!

This was the pile of bits

I know this would of been a baby something but what and for who I do not know - although that baby is now a uni graduate now.

This is my knitting nancy from when I was a child.

This was a knitted doll which I remember doing quite a few of but I cant't remember where the pattern is from. I found a dropped stitch in the middle of the body somewhere.

This would of been a stripped jumper for my teddy bear.


jp said...

Too Cute.

I still have a pair of blue and pink (Very eighties) fingerless gloves I knitted as a teenager.

I also remember using a knitting board to make a huge striped scarf.

machenmachen said...

Aw! From little things big things grow, eh? I had a knitting Nancy just like that one.

My mum recently moved out of the old family house and asked if I wanted my first piece of knitting (done at about age 5). It was a sort of brown shapeless thing. I remember that I couldn't master purl, so I would spend about 3 hours sweating through the knit row and she'd do the purl row for me after I went to bed.

CurlyPops said...

I have that same exact knitting nancy from when I was little - too cute!