Monday, October 12


Firefox ruled for a while but now I am back on Safari which rocks again.

the only problem with migrating back and forth is the password issue

is the site that apple redirected me to today.

I am currently going through and writing down all my sites, usernames and passwords and so far I am at 46 - which is unbelievable!!! I used to have one phone number- of 6 digits and one bank account with a signature in hidden ink. Now I have a home phone number that I can never remember - a voip one, a mobile, a work number and 46 usernames and passwords.

Give me a mechanical pencil and some paper please. No changed my mind just some sticks and string and the couch.....

I can do this as I am at home today - still not great and glad to have another day to recover, thanks for all your kind words and thoughts.

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M-H said...

Make life easier for yourself - have one basic password - not a word in any language, just a string of letters that means something to you. I use that for Rav and other non-financial logins. Then make a couple of changes to it for more secure sites by substituting numbers for some of the letters, and then you can change it again by making some of the letters upper case. For most secure sites use both the capital letters and the numbers option, and on some sites you can even add non-letters like $ # & etc which are the safest you can have. I only have two usernames: mhward and wittyknitter and one PIN that I use for all number logins.

Also, you can save all these to the keychain on your mac - I gather that is very safe, although others may not agree.