Tuesday, October 13

Ends sewn in - the illness continues..

Now it is a full blown case of Lace virus
Thank you Grandma Flea for the yarn - I finally got around to knitting up the beautiful yarn in the swallowtail shawl that you sent me a few months back. This just floats and is so delicate - almost too beautiful to wear. I am going to say I actually loved the nupps.

Then I cast on the shetland triangle and I am sorry to say I am one repeat before the border this is serious (in two days ok Lyn you were right)- are there any lace doctors out there. I have been researching the condition on the web, I know that self diagnosis isn't that reliable, but I believe a larger more complex pattern may cure me of this affliction. Any suggestions for patterns?

Evelyn A. Clark is a genius lace knitter I have a new deeper appreciation for pattern writing after this illness


kms said...

that swallowtail is just divine. and the shetland triangle is a disease in and of its own right, and the only cure is to knit about 3 or 4, each in a different weight yarn. wait till you do an 8 ply. oh my.

Bells said...

your swallowtail is exquisite! I must revisit mine. Wow.

And Shetland Triangle is a fave of mine. I'll do it again and again!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, isn't she stunning? I think I'm inspired to try the nupps on my next swallowtail.

I have yet to make a shetland triangle, but I'm looking forward to it too. :)