Sunday, October 18

Musing on socks

So way back at the beginning of the year I committed myself to a personal sock club. Inspired by various others and egged on through the process I thought that a 4 week turn around would inhibit any other items that may cause me distraction - so I settled on 6 weeks.
I picked out more yarn than my quota for the club just in case and as the year has gone on I have pretty much stuck to the schedule. As well as being able to knit the various distractions, and I am still recovering from the dreaded flu!

Today my reminder reminded me and I realised that I had really lost the plot this time around. What started well has ended in disaster. They are too small but only just that bit to small to not work - how frustrating is that. I think early on when the needles turned out to be 1.75mm no 2mm that I should of started again but no I persisted and then there were tears.

Today I thought I would recap for myself where I was in the grand scheme - really just to cheer myself up and then sort out my plan for the rest of the year.

Doing the math - dividing 52 weeks by my original aim was to knit 8.5 socks over the year and there are 11 weeks left - so I should have all but 2 done.

#8 ?

so when I look at this list I am on track - Phew

So unpicking the green socks in on the cards and another 2 before the end of the year


Rose Red said...

I think you have done spectacularly well! Far better than me, that's for sure!

kms said...

i am soo impressed. you are the queen of sock knitting!