Sunday, October 18

Yarn Neutral

I am not

As you may of heard we had a stash reallocation - and I am hoping it is the first of many

It was so much fun gathering, swapping, nabbing(sorry everyone but standing by the suitcase at that exact moment had distinct advantages)

There was yarn


and someone did bring some feathers -although around a bottle as a cape so perhaps that doesn't count

oh how I adore knitters


Rose Red said...

me too!

Yarna said...

It was such a great afternoon. Thank you Miss Fee for hosting and thank you Lee for the idea - what a shame you missed it! And thank you to everyone who brought such yummy food and relieved me of some of my stash.

kms said...

i adore knitters too. most of them. esp ones with suitcases of goodies! sounds like a great way to spend the afternoon. next time i wont have some stupid dog thing to do!!