Wednesday, November 11

All I want

is my own ISBN and I think today I am one step closer to my dream

I negotiated my name on the cover and my very own number.  This is still pending some approvals of course and a lot can happen in a year.

During the meeting the talk turned jacket flaps and to photos in the back cover, and after I was telling S.V. and he want me to have one with the cats. As earlier today he had read this.

Anyway now you will just have to wait until November 2010 to see what was conceived of and approved today


Rose Red said...

I hope you will also be knitting - no, even better - CROCHETING - in your full-size dust jacket portrait!

How exciting!

LynS said...

Loved the link - it made me laugh out loud. Thanks Fee - and Sock Victim. And a big, if premature, congratulations.

Lara said...


I'd love to have a go at doing your cover shot :)

Virginia said...

Congratulations! That's awesome.

kms said...

yay! i have an isbn but had no choice in the cover which is a boring same same blue. yours will be so much more fun!!