Saturday, November 14

Off Schedule Knitting

I am currently back on my secret sock project - but last week I took a detour to help out a friend on a new Kid's show by knitting a sock for a sock puppet.  The wonderful Helen(Aunty Toots) machine knitted the vest in record time and did a beautiful job.

This sock is loosely based on a sock from Vintage Socks with a very short foot, an afterthought heel, and the heel and toe as a french toe.

Then yesterday another kid's show asked me to knit an owl, teddy no wait a dinosaur - I am getting the yarn today and will ask them on Monday what they want.....

I now need to also knit a second sock and even a third for the first show- with 6 weeks to Xmas and 3.5 pairs on my list to go will I make it?

I have to say that the urge for shawls has been repressed somewhat lately due to the lack of opportunity.

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